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Who is Dexter Washington?

In April of 2011 a photographer, art director, and makeup artist got together and decided to start their own firm. They developed a unique business strategy that allowed for low overhead and thus lower prices. They felt that the San Francisco Bay Area deserved high-quality images and services for budget prices. They agreed upon the name Dexter Washington to represent their collective portfolio.

So it's not so much 'who is Dexter?' but rather 'what is Dexter?' And the answer is a group of dedicated, experienced and creative people who saw an opportunity to make a photography firm their way. A firm that would uphold high standards of quality, refined dignity and tradition while promoting innovative and creative ways to lower the cost of photographic services.

We have combined our years of photographic and art directorial experience to form Dexter Washington Photography. We create images fast and efficiently in order to help our partners and clients meet the demands of a speedy, technologically driven world.

Our mission is simple:

  1. To provide professional services using the best resources;
  2. Produce images & offer services that meet the needs of our clients;
  3. Accomplish this as inexpensively as possible while maintaining high-quality.

We have constructed a business model that not only allows us to accomplish the above, but encourages confidence and assurance that our firm's presence will be long lasting and prosperous. We hope that you will join us as we usher in an age of photographic excellence that will help businesses and individuals of all levels save needed resources.

Thank you for considering our firm. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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